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East Arkansas Planning & Development District administers the East Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District, (EARSWMD) to manage the solid waste, waste tire, and recycling needs of the southern six counties of the twelve county EAPDD footprint. This includes the counties of Poinsett, Crittenden, Cross, St. Francis, Lee, and Phillips.

The EARSWMD Board keeps its counties in compliance through the processing of recyclables within its borders through a fleet of trailers and collection locations in each county. It also has established waste tire collection centers that are currently managed and maintained through the Pulaski County Solid Waste Management District.

EARSWMD also employs an Illegal Dumps Officer to cover the counties within its district, as is required by the State of Arkansas. That position requires annual recertification through the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, ADEQ, and provides the counties with additional services and assistance as needed.

For more information, please feel free to contact our Director of Environmental Services, Tim Phillips at 870.932.3957 or via email at .

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**Hashed area represents the 6 counties which make up the EARSWMD

Waste Hauler Permits

Permits for solid waste haulers are required of all entities engaged in the collection and/or transportation of solid waste throughout the District for disposal or storage. Permitting does not apply to individuals hauling their own personal waste or industrial facilities that haul their own waste to their own permitted facility.

Haulers who do not secure a permit will not be allowed to haul waste in the District.

Arkansas Code Annotated § 8-6-721 provides that a Person who engages in the business of hauling Solid Waste must obtain a license from a regional solid waste management board if the Person is engaged in the transportation of Solid Waste for disposal or storage in the District. Pursuant to such legislation, the East Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors enacted “Rules Regarding Licensing of Haulers of Solid Waste.”

The hauler shall submit the following fees for each license:

​$50.00 for each vehicle with a maximum hauling capacity of less than one ton and is a non-compacting vehicle; or
​$100.00 for each vehicle which does not meet both of the requirements above.

Responses should be returned to the following address:

East Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District
Solid Waste Haulers Permit
P.O. Box 1403
Jonesboro, AR 72403

Decals for each truck will be mailed after payment is received.

Waste Hauler Permits
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